How to Use Social Media with Style


This year I've been thinking a lot about social media & the way we use it to develop relationships. I feel my friendship with Briony {A Girl, A Style} blossomed over Instagram, whereas with Rachel {Pencil Shaving Studios} it was mostly over Twitter, & it's on Facebook that I always see what Monica {Smart Creative Women} is up to.

Thus I've been thinking a lot about you, our relationship, & how it's different in my various social media homes. After all, if I was just sharing the same thing three times, why would you want to be my friend in all three spots?

I picture my social media homes like little cafes, each with their own vibe.

Twitter: Oh the things I want to text you ...

Twitter is the most conversational to me. It's where I'm chatting with my girlfriends as I would over text whether about Mad Men, a favorite new book, or the guy who just moonwalked in front of me as an attempted "pick up line". And if a quick style tip comes to me, I pick up my phone & share it via @HilaryRushford.


Facebook: Sending flowers to your desk ...

I picture that you're checking Facebook during a break at work or while your favorite TV show is on in the background. I love sharing lovely images, pretty pictures & happy quotes to brighten your day & give you something to share on your own page via @DeanStreetSociety.


Instagram: A personal stylist in your pocket ...

I often feel my heart & brain are going to burst with all the tips, tricks & inspiration I want to share with you, yet don't have the time to turn into photo shoot after photo shoot for the blog.

Thus it brings me so much joy to snap a quick pic of my outfit that day & in 60 seconds share that tip: Belting a slightly too large thrift store find; How to make sequins work for the office; The secret to color blocking without channeling Punky Brewster.

I give the best advice, information & inspiration on Instagram. I would love to be able to do style posts for you here 5 days a week. But until I have a small army of people, Instagram is where I can do that.

Plus, there's sneak peeks at what I'm filming, a campaign I'm shooting, my travel adventures {... which I'll be making an announcement about very soon!} via @HilaryRushford.


So if we're not friends there already, come visit my various lil cafes! Though these are my primary ones I also do use Pinterest, Keep, Keep Facebook & Poshmark. As you can read in this week's IFB post, I have intentionally not hopped on the Vine train. As I say there, there's no girlscout badge for having the most social media profiles. I'd rather have genuine relationships on just a few.


My profile photo is the same on almost every platform & I have only two usernames {HilaryRushford or DeanStreetSociety}. Keep it easy for people to find & recognize you! That same profile pic is also on my business cards & the signature of my emails ...

And as for your own social media spots, how do you see & use them differently? 

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