Valentine's Day Style

Happy Valentine's Day week m'dears! You know that I love for you to find excuses: to wear the things that never get worn, to put on the party dress, to get creative in your wardrobe.

A holiday is a perfect excuse to push yourself outside your sartorial box. This week, try pairing pinks & reds together, various shades of pink, peaches & pinks. Even a pink top with red lipstick. Any other week it might feel a bit bold for you, but this week you're just being festive!

And that gem -- say, oh, a darling pink chiffon 1950's dress you picked up at a little beach town in California -- that never gets worn, create an event! Dress up to go out with your beau for Valentine's Day. Personally, my girlfriends & I are going to drinks & a showing of "Roman Holiday" on the big screen later this week. All you have to do is say "let's don ladylike dresses!" & everyone else in the theatre will be jealous they're not a part of your pretty crew.


Shop This Style: { Pink Chiffon Dress : Vintage : Similar l Red Heels : Jessica Simpson l Gold Bracelets : Vintage : Similar + JCrew} + Photography by: Bethany Michaela Photography

Truly grateful for the love you all have shown me in the last year & a half. Whether it's the dear real life friendships I've formed, the chances I've had to hear about your dreams & encourage you to the next level, or simply your affirming tweets & Instagram comments. You have no idea how much they fill my heart & encourage me that this leap of faith called Dean Street Society is so worth it.

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P.S. You really have to see this thing twirl ...


P.P.S. In case you missed it, there was big news in the post on Friday! If you're an entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner, be sure you've been both part one & part two of Marie Forleo's free training videos in her ramp up for Marie Forleo's B-School & Dean Street Society's The Mentorship Coterie! Then email to apply by March 4th!

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