Happy Hour Dialogues

Over the last few weeks I've been having the time of my life, doing video interviews with some of my favorite entrepreneurs. And some lip syncing and chair dancing. Naturally.

Inside my book, tribe and toolkit The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail {which launches on Tuesday the 17th!} are video interviews with nine entrepreneurs in just years two-four of their business. They're just a few steps ahead of you or right alongside where you're at.

But I had so many people I wanted to talk to who were further down the line, or just starting, or were starting over with new branches of their businesses so I created ...


The Happy Hour Dialogues 

Every day Monday through Thursday last week and this week, you can join me and one of these eight entrepreneurs for a happy hour chat. We get honest, we get real, we talk numbers, we talk meltdowns, we cheers, we dance, we sing, the end. 

Just pop your email in here, and get access to the landing page with passwords to all the videos that are live already plus news of the next one unveiled to your inbox daily.

Who are we getting drinks with? These fabulous folks:

Check them out at their lovely internet home: 

Whitney English creator of the Day Designer // Anne Samoilov mastermind behind Fearless Launching // Jamey Hamm owner of Roots Cafe // Laura Roeder powerhouse behind LKR Social Media // Kara Eschbach co-founder and editor of Verily Magazine // Alison Faulkner crafty and sassy CEO of The Alison Show // James Wedmore guru of video marketing // Amber McCue savvy business coach at Nice Ops


Eight Days Behind-the-Scenes

Each day along with the news of the next interview live, you'll receive a behind-the-scenes insight from me during this last sprint to the finish of launching The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail.

First up last week was "cost benefit":

We just wrapped up the Happy Hour Blog Tour -- 30 bloggers, posting on their own websites over 30 days, sending traffic to Dean Street Society and to social media. 

I was just going over the analytics on Saturday night and here's the super quick snapshot: 

  • No increase beyond normal on any social media channel {i.e. Average is 50 new Twitter followers a month, saw the same in November}
  • Traffic was 1/27th of our traffic {i.e. 27K monthly views, HHBT responsible for 1K of those}
  • Newsletter subscriptions up 2x average {i.e. This is an estimate, as our dividing our Honor Society lists recently is requiring us to do some deeper investigation into understanding our list, but we had approximately twice as many people subscribe as do in a traditional month}

So the question is: Was it worth it?


Two parts of the Entrepreneur Cocktail are about saying yes or no, because saying "yes" to the Happy Hour Blog Tour means I said no to something else. I'm not sure what else that was: guest posts, press interviews, better marketing copy, better social media, less emotional breakdowns.

As we near the finish line for creating and launching The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail it appears, as always, that there are more things than we have hours for. I have to say no more. Which makes me ponder whether or not the things I've already said yes to were worth it.

By "worth it", I mean a strong enough ROI {return on investment} for all the hours it took for our PR intern, Chief of Staff, VA intern, graphic design intern, and myself to pull off finding, creating and coordinating everything that went along with the HHBT. It took five people MANY hours. Of course I don't mean "worth it" as in I'm ungrateful for any traffic that did come my way. I only mean, was it the wisest decision I could have made for how to invest the limited resource of time for myself and my team?

And the thing is, you can't always know before you start.


I had no idea what the outcome of the HHBT would be. I heard of one woman doing a blog tour for her book, didn't even Google how she did it, just leapt with my own version of it.  I've since listened to a webinar of her recapping it, and honestly she shared less analytics than I even did just briefly above. So I can't even judge if her numbers would be "worth it" in my business. Because we all have different goals.

Right now, literally a day out from crunching those numbers, my gut instinct says that the newsletter growth was worth it.

Yet I know this is a Q I need to keep asking in the coming months as I unpack from this launch. What would I do again? What would I do differently? What could we have done better?

It will be part analytics and part gut instinct. Which is where I think we're all at, whether you're at the very beginning or working on a five or six figure launch. By asking the smart questions, we've nowhere to go but up. {wink}


To get more behind-the-scenes insights and access to all eight interviews, join us right here. Then I'll see you in your inbox tomorrow!

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P.S. This is one dance party you are not going to want to miss:

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