Interviews With Top Entrepreneurs

Y'all I am so excited to finally announce the nine incredible entrepreneurs who are featured inside the book, tribe and toolkit The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail!

If you've been loving The Happy Hour Dialogues, there is double the fun right around the corner! 

I sat down for happy hour video chats with these folks, all of whom are in just about years two-four in their businesses. 


Amie Valpone & The Healthy Apple // saved her life with internal medicine, leaving her careers at Vogue & the NBA behind to craft a booming business helping others live healthier & creating receipes for top global brands

Barron Cuadro & Effortless Gent // helping over 50,000 gents a month take their style to the next level, building a profitable business off of low-price high-volume product with a passion product clothing line on the side

Brigitte Lyons // bucking the traditional PR model to help small businesses get the buzz they deserve, just bringing on her first full-time employee & working with fancy-name clients like Danielle LaPorte & Tara Gentile

Danielle Owens-Reid, Kristin Russo & Everyone Is Gay // supporting LGTBQ youth & their parents, & building more compassionate campuses through their call-in show, speaking tour & professional lip synching even when it means selling their possessions to pay the rent

Liz DiAlto // ditched grad school to invest in a mastermind & launch a business supporting women's physical & holistic kickass well-being as a teacher, coach, speaker & author

Mark Fischer & Mark Fisher Fitness // fastest growing gym in the history of the industry, fueled by glitter, unicorns & occasional classes without your pants on that's built a raving fan based addicted to their unique brand

Michelle Edgemont // a wedding & events stylist with a quirky modern take whose clients adore how much she loves & celebrates love with a healthy dose of polka dots on the side & a commitment to hiring a financial planner from the day she launched

Rachel Shingleton & Pencil Shavings Studios // an Etsy superstar whose graphic design creations make homes & offices & handbags more colorful & joyful, garnering her pinch-worthy collaborations with big brands along the way

Thomas Edwards Jr. & The Professional Wingman // responsible for marriages, babies & more confidence worldwide through his booming business helping me increase their social skills for romance, work & everything in between, meaning he gets to drink on the job nightly while changing lives


To hear their gems of business advice, highs and lows, and the honest conversation you know to expect here at Dean Street Society, pre-order The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail today

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P.S. The virtual launch party for The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail is happening on Tuesday December 17th at 2pm EST and you're invited! Hop on Honor Society by popping your name and email in here, and the link will be delivered to your inbox before the party!

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