A Very Vintage Holiday

Utterly delighted to be stopping by Glitter Guide today to share a little inspiration on How to Wear Vintage for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

First of all, wear your party coat! Or cape, as it may be. And your party hat. Those vintage showstoppers you're too self-conscious to wear to the office? Wear them en route to grandmother's house.

Want to see what's under the cape? Head on over to Glitter Guide to see my darling dress and hear my tips for shopping and styling  vintage ...


Shop this Style { Red Wool Cape : Vintage : Similar, Similar + Similar | Blue Velvet Cloiche Hat : Vintage : Similar + Similar | Black + White Patterned Dress : Vintage : Similar + Similar | Blue Suede Heels : Jessica Simpson } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela 


Sadly the weather plummeted this week in Brooklyn. I walked so far in this cape, aka sans protective hood, in what I later learned was ten degree weather with 30 mph winds ... when i met my friends I did not have the use of my mouth to form human words.

I looked and sounded like I had just come from dental surgery. That m'dears, is sacrificing for style.

Thus, I'm afraid my darling Little Red has been retired for the year. But smitten I got to show her off here today!

Wherever you're celebrating this week I hope you're surrounded by love. I'm insane to be hosting Thanksgiving here on Dean St for a dozen friends just 19 days before my book launches ... but if you can't bask in the company of people you love in the midst of hustling, then your entrepreneurial cocktail is too strong, right? {wink}

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