What To Wear To Holiday Parties

You know that I am all about making the best use of the closet we already own and shopping smarter when you add to it. As I shared in this post {that got a lot of folks talking} -- it is oh so common to have a big event coming up and suddenly feel like nothing in our closet is worthy.

First, it's not our faults. Our brains crave newness, creativity, stimulation. So when you buy something new, sparkling pretty endorphins go shooting off in our brains, which wane in their enthusiasm when we wear that same skirt the same way for the tenth time.

So give your brain what it wants: Get creative. Not only can I not afford to buy half a dozen new holiday dresses, the guilt weighs on me the rest of the year that they're not getting worn. So say hello to my little red dress {totally summer appropriate with ballet flats too, by the way} and three of many ways to style it creatively with accessories {most of which were thrifted, found inexpensively on Etsy or bought on sale}.


Shop this Style { Red Dress : ModCloth : Similar ||| ONE : Navy Facinator : Accessorize : Similar| White Necklace : Ann TaylorSimilar | Peacock and Gold Heels : Dorthy Perkins : Similar ||| TWO :Pearl Necklace : Nordstrom  : Similar | Striped Bow Tie :  c/o Brier + Moss | White Leather Clutch : Thrifted : Similar | Polka Dot Heels : Dorthy Perkins : Similar ||| THREE : Fur collar : Etsy : Similar |  White Bow Belt : Primark : Similar | Metallic Shoes : Thrifted : Similar } + Photography by Kat Harris for The Refined Woman


1. Be Bold: A holiday party is the perfect excuse to wear that piece you've been too timid to sport. Just pair it with a classic dress, keep everything simple, and yes you too can wear that Kate Middleton fascinator. I also enjoy red and navy as a festive but not kitschy color combo.

2. Be Cheeky: Festivities come with more leeway. Stripes and polka dots, pattern mixing, bow tie as belt -- embrace just a hint of that Crewcuts catalogue lack of inhibitions. Then keep it grown up with a solid base like a classy dress and black tights.

3. Be Layered: Sport the same dress to multiple soirées by layering over it or changing up bold accents at the neckline where the eye goes {and what shows up in pictures!} A fur collar {this one was about $10 on Etsy} is one of my favorite ways to elevate any simple dress and paired with sparkles and pearls, it's a holiday home run.


What are your tips for getting through the holiday season without going into a wardrobe panic? Have a favorite accessory or pairing that always gets you in the spirit?

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