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On Tuesday I announced the title of my first book, "The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail"! Over the coming weeks leading up to the release on December 17th I'll be sharing more details about what this book, just one part of a tribe and toolkit, is all about and why I've written it for you. But the heart is this:

 It's the book I wish I'd read myself when I started just over two years ago, and it's the advice I find myself repeating to all of my brand mentoring clients and fellow entrepreneur friends. There are marvelous books and classes on how to technically build a business. This is whether building one is your path to happiness and how. It's your counselor, your diary that can talk back and give you sage advice; it's your favorite entrepreneurs and bloggers having cocktails together sharing and sympathizing and strategizing about what it's really like day in and day out, for the long haul, for success with sanity.

Over the month of November I am thrilled to be welcoming thirty of those incredible entrepreneurs and bloggers to join me for the Happy Hour Blog Tour. Every day another of us will share something from our heart that touches on one of the four parts of the cocktail {which you'll hear more about if you hop on Sunday Happy Hour}.  


 So join us here. Check back there daily for the next post. Become a part of the Sunday Happy Hour to get the first access to the blessing of being a part of a tribe that truly understands, encourages, inspires and empowers you

I'm so honored to be on this journey with you, m'dear. And this is just the beginning. November 1st. Think of where we're going to be in just three months come February 1st ... There's so much you and I are going to make happen, love.


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P.S. Want a sneak peek at our thirty brilliant bloggers? You'll find all their posts updated on the main page as the tour progresses, but here's their home sweet internet homes:



Friday Nov 1: Written On Her Heart  // Saturday Nov 2: Maria Marlowe  // Sunday Nov 3: Treasures & Travels  

Monday Nov 4: Baked Bree // Tuesday Nov 5: Coconut Robot // Wednesday Nov 6: Alicia Cowan 

Thursday Nov 7: Confetti Toss // Friday Nov 8: The Daily Tay // Saturday Nov 9: Delightfully Tacky

Sunday Nov 10: Katie Den Ouden // Monday Nov 11: Chasing Davies // Tuesday Nov 12: Heather Crabtree

Wednesday Nov 13: Apartment 34 // Thursday Nov 14: Chivon John // Friday Nov 15: Just Lovely



Saturday Nov 16: Ali Rittenhouse // Sunday Nov 17: The College Prepster // Monday Nov 18: The Dabblist 

Tuesday Nov 19: Thoughts by Natalie // Wednesday Nov 20: The Yogipreneur // Thursday Nov 21: Living in Yellow 

Friday Nov 22: Claire Gillenson // Saturday Nov 23: Sugar & Cloth // Sunday Nov 24: Katrina Padron


Monday Nov 25: Michelle Pimm // Tuesday Nov 26: Jane Frankland // Wednesday Nov 27: The Tiny Twig 

Thursday Nov 28: Maria Romaine // Friday Nov 29: Desiree East // Saturday Nov 30: House of Earnest


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