One New Season on Dean St, Two New Choices for You!

Love, I've got a question that I would love for you to answer:

Do you come to Dean Street Society for style? Or do you come for business inspiration?

Are you more passionate about dressing in a way that makes you feel radiant? Or building a business that makes you feel radiant?

Or both?

Some Dean Street bettys have come across my style blog, desiring a more educated style, and think, "Why the heck is Hilary talking about her business? Why is her first book about entrepreneurship and not style?"

Many others have crossed my path because you're fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers who don't just want to pick my brain about style, but about small business, branding and blogging wondering, "Gah, why is the weekly blog post only ever about style? Why can't she share more about how to build a business like hers?

Whichever camp you're in, watch this video I made for Honor Society to hear how I'm restructuring to serve you more. You're invited to choose your own adventure. Telegrams or cocktails or both? 


Ready for the next choose your own adventure? You're the first to hear the title of my new book... {insert drumroll} ...

 The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail!

Why is it a choose your own adventure format? What are the four parts of the cocktail? How can you join me for Camp Cocktail in January? 

All those gems plus extra teaching from me that you can get access to weeks before the December 17th launch, will be happening in Sunday Happy Hours so join us now!


Whether it's 2-Part Fashion Cocktails or 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktails that you're passionate about, I want you to be a part of Honor Society so I can help you most.

Can't wait to see how much brighter you can shine, in style and/or in business, this fall and beyond ...


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P.S. Did you just skip right to the end? No worries, sometimes I'm in a rush too!

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2) If you love Dean St as a fellow entrepreneur or blogger, join Sunday Happy Hour! You'll get the news on Mentorship Coterie, Dean St Seminars on business, and my NEW BOOK that's just for you.

3) Love both? Join Sunday Happy Hour AND the Thursday Telegram! Neither will happen every week so I won't be overwhelming your inbox, and you can be sure to never miss a blog post, new offering or inside scoop. 

Hear more in the video. So excited to help you more and serve you better, love ...

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