Style & Styleability Is Back!

M'dear I am thrilled to announce that Dean Street Society's one and only group style class is back!  

Every day I receive emails from you where you share what you're struggling with -- you have so many clothes but don't love any of them, don't have as much money as you wish you did to shop, have those 10 pounds to lose you know would change everything, get so tired, exhausted, defeated, depressed even over what you see in the mirror and not looking or feeling like the woman you want to be.

I do my best to answer those emails with snippets of actionable advice, but the truth is if I could explain in a paragraph how to solve all your sartorial challenges -- if it was that simple, you wouldn't be struggling! 

On the other hand, it actually is far more attainable and within your reach that you think it is. There are foundational principles about balance, proportions, personal style that you can learn once and use for the next decade to make your mornings simpler and your confidence more authentically glowing. 

That's what I teach in Style & Styleability. Plus it's the most affordable way to get one-on-one personal feedback from me for a week straight. And you have never found a more supportive community of bettys to be welcomed into.

So read all about it here. {Make sure you click through to the second page for more too!} Then come join us in the Treehouse of Trust. For the price of a fancy pair of jeans, you're going to have fancypants knowledge that leads to a glow you never realized was so easy to attain. Just hear what the alums have to say here and here and here



No really, did you read what the alums have to say here and so many more here? They bowl me over with their joy and "success stories" so I couldn't say it better myself! 

Register now and join us today!  Cannot wait to hear your story this fall

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