The Value of Community

 {Psst. Below is what I wrote to Honor Society in our Thursday Telegram this week. If you're not one of my VIBs {bettys} then come join us!} 


Am I the only one who feels like fall is flying by? 

It's been one week since my pinch-me-worthy interview with one of my business idols, Marie Forleo.

My book launches two months from TODAY. {I think I just gave myself a heart attack.}

And my group class Style & Styleability kicks off tomorrow for the last time in 2013

I confess that whirling rhythm can send me into The Land of Overwhelm. Fast. But I've been learning lately that the best way I can stay in the present, enjoy and celebrate the moment, is to immerse myself in community. Sometimes that's having people around me who can hold me accountable to deadlines, to goals, to not being so hard on myself. Other times it's having their perspective to help me realize just how hard I'm working, just how far I've come, just how much I have to be grateful for.

Whatever it is we want to make happen, however we want to grow, sharing our lives with one another is the best way to move forward.

Which is scary because if we feel a mess in anyway, the first thing we want to do is cover it up and hide. It takes a leap of faith to let people into the mess. But I'm really being convinced that being in the mess together, is the fastest and easiest way forward together -- whether that mess is about our businesses, our self-confidence, our weight or any other vulnerable challenge.

That type of community is a huge part of Style & Styleability in our private group forum we call The Treehouse of Trust. 

Last week I shared with you what one of our alums, Cecilia wrote to me after the last class. Well that was only half of her email! Here's the other part:


I LOVED this class, Hilary! Thank you so much for creating it. There were so many great aspects that I'll have to write a list: 

a. It was so wonderful that you emphasized working with what was already in our closets. I realized I always feel I need to buy new items before I can be stylish, but it never works - I get anxious, buy things that don't work, and feel stressed about the whole process. Focusing on what I already had forced me to really learn the basics!

b. I loved your style lessons! Your perspective and ideas were so fresh, innovative and interesting that it completely changed my way of approaching style and fashion, and gave me confidence I never knew I had. 

c. Your simple tricks for shape and proportion helped me find my waist (no crash diets here!)

d. I appreciated how much care you took with your course, from the visuals to the videos. Even the graphics were stylish, which helped put me in a visually happy mood. 

e. I also appreciated that you were consistently present and organized with the whole course - lots of feedback on photos, everything happening on a great schedule. And I loved that it was not an intensive program, but could be done easily in a short burst each week (although I became addicted to creating new outfits). 

f. Sharing outfits in the Treehouse of Trust was so much fun, I felt like I was back in high school, hanging out with my besties. It felt truly safe, happy and supportive. That process really helped me see how I could work with even simple items in my closet and make them work in new ways.


Have you ever felt like Cecilia? You don't have to muddle through alone any longer. Join us for Style & Styleability starting tomorrow.

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Put on your headphones at your desk, pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the energy of being on the call live with myself and other Dean St bettys.

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