A Well Edited Wardrobe

Do you feel like you have too much stuff? Yet at the same time, you don't really love it all -- especially your clothes; your closet leaves you feeling like it's packed yet with nothing you really love wearing?  

You've got thousands of dollars hanging there, but it's not really making you happy? If anything it just makes you feel defeated and exhausted that it takes you so long to get dressed and you still leave the house feeling kind of frumpy?

Love, stop investing in more. Learn to make more of what you already have. 

This isn't about anti-consumerism or downsizing. You can have a closet of lovely things if that's what you want! {I confess I own quite a lot!} But if it's not filled with things you know how to wear, with pieces you bought because you know they fit you well, with a personal style that's actually "you" -- then all the purchases in the world will never make your life more simple or your confidence more glowing. 

Stop buying until you've learned how to buy what truly makes you happy.

That's what you'll learn with me this fall in Style & Styleability. {Read all the details right here.} 

Each week of class we do a group style challenge where we find things already in our closet and see them in fresh new ways. For example, a wear it three way challenge. Below are three examples of how I've worn a simple white lace top over the last year.  

Vintage. Rockstar. Classic.  {Click each one to see the full blog posts.}

Tucked or untucked. Paired with neutrals, black or colors. Solids or patterns. Light accessories or heavy accessories. Day or night, office or weekend. For summer, fall, winter or spring.  



This fall, join me for Style & Styleability. We have a private community of the most encouraging bettys around who play dress up together all month, plus live weekly calls where you get personal feedback from me and we answer all your style Qs.  

It's time to stop throwing your money at the proverbial wall hoping you find a style that sticks. It's time to start learning the foundations of fashion no one ever taught you, and uncovering a flattering and exciting style that's grown-up professional womanly you.

Vintage, rockstar or classic -- every aspect of you is waiting to be uncovered and at your command depending upon how you feel that day.  Save your seat in fall style camp now, m'dear ...

This fall is your time to shine.


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P.S. Did you hear? I'm hosting a FREE live style chat this Friday at 1pm EST! Save your seat here.

Come preped to ask me any style Qs live, plus get a look inside Style & Styleability, and if you miss us live a recording will be sent! Join up now!

P.P.S. Did you hear what Style & Styleability alum Cecilia had to say in Friday's post? Oh plus the photo of me, Marie Forleo and Oprah? Yes I'm still pretty giddy about that ...


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