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Yesterday one of the mentors I admired most in this entrepreneurial world, Marie Forleo, interviewed me as one of her "success stories" as an alumni of her B-School program. It was surreal. And a day I will never forget.


Marie's course will happen again in March {I'll be coaching a group through it via The Mentorship Coterie so hop on Honor Society if you want to hear more about that} and in the February roll-out you'll be able to hear how her program has changed my life.

Which got me thinking about the stories of those who I can humbly say have been changed be the programs I teach here on Dean St. Style & Styleability starts on Saturday, October 19th and I want you to hear what one of my students, Cecelia, wrote to me after our summer session:  


I have never, ever felt like I "got" how to dress myself stylishly, and I never understood how people could pull together outfits and looks easily. No matter how many fashion magazines I read or outfits I bought, I could never find clothing that worked for me. Inevitably, I would get frustrated, and simply wear whatever was most comfortable (sneakers and old jeans, mostly). I always assumed that I needed to spend more money, or be more prettier, or lose 30 pounds before I would ever look pulled together and attractive. HA!
Your course not only changed my mind, but it gave me confidence I didn't know I had. Somehow, your super-savvy style tricks changed the way I viewed outfits and clothing. I could suddenly SEE how proportions, texture, colour and pattern worked in new ways. Every day I made an effort to wear a fun outfit for different events (summer BarBQs, work meetings, dinner parties) and I couldn't believe the compliments I got. (And yes, I didn't lose a pound, get a facelift or dye my hair). 

Even shopping for clothing was something I hated, and found so stressful. But the course gave me such a boost of confidence that I was able to sail into a little boutique near my home (that I'd never gone into before), and happily select items to try on. I was really amazed to see that I knew exactly what to look for, and I could even estimate size pretty accurately and easily. I tried on several, and I was thrilled to find two dresses that were absolutely stunning. 

Since taking the course, I've re-organized my closet by colours (which makes my eyes sing happily every day - I had no idea I loved colour so much), and I've now got my "go to" outfits and accessories carefully laid out (even in the midst of a cross-country move). The simple act of dressing myself is now a pleasure, and I really notice that I take so much more care than I ever did previously, even when I select my earrings and necklaces. This level of self-care just makes me happy, which is so essential in a stress-filled world. 

Most importantly, I feel like I can walk into a room now for any occasion and OWN IT happily. I'm definitely not young, model-ish or skinny, but I know now that I can feel as polished and gorgeous on the outside as I know I am on the inside. 


Have you ever felt like Cecilia? Frustrated, exhausted, convinced that 10 less pounds or $1,000 more dollars would make the difference?

Are you ready to stop wishing you could feel stylish, professional and confident and starting BEING that? 

Love, we are going to make so much happen in just one hour a week, for one month. Read all about it here and join us!


I'm not sure which gets me weepy more quickly -- feeling overwhelmed that my life has changed so much in two years I'm my mentor's "success story" or seeing how much my students lives change in just one month of Style & Styleability

Either way, I'm feeling grateful for what capacity we have to grow, how we can help one another make it happen, and celebrate together along the way. Thank you for making my "success story" possible. I only hope I can repay you by helping you create your own "style success story" this fall ... {Make that happen right here!}


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P.S. As one more thank you, I'm hosting a style chat on Friday, October 18th at 1pm EST with a free look inside Style & Styleability!

Hop on the call with me from your phone or computer, ask me your style Qs, listen with your headphones in at work, pour a cup of tea and just enjoy the energy of being live with the Dean St bettys. One of the common threads in your emails to me is feeling like you're the only one who struggles with these style challenges, insecurities, confusions. Spend an hour with us and I promise you'll realize that you are not alone and closer than you think to genuine confidence and an authentic joy at being more beautiful than you ever realized you could feel.

Save your seat here now! Oh and it's totally FREE. Can't wait to see your name on the line ...


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