February Instagram Style Challenge

11 months ago I posted the first #StyleMe challenge. It was a lil idea, fleshed out over brunch with Bestie & I had no idea it would become one of the most rewarding parts of the last year.

In December I mixed it up a little, making each style promot holiday themed. As a mad Christmas fanatic it made me feel so in the spirit all month!

So for February I wanted to capture that same feeling ... about love. Love of self, of beauty, of confidence, of lovely things & marvelous feelings. So instead of "wear, try, be ..." this month's tagline is "utterly grateful for & unabashedly in love with ...". It's all about love & feeling lovely!


The best way to really be a part of the #StyleMe tribe is to upload your pics daily to Instagram with the tag #StyleMeFeb. You can also share on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, your blog ... or just do them for yourself & never snap a pic! Whatever stretches your creativity, multiplies your inspiration & immerses you in {what I am so honored to say!} is a group of encouraging & delightful bettys who have met one another through #StyleMe. Come join the crew! There's even a button {see below!} to share this gift of a free month of style inspiration with your readers! 

#StyleMe is all about you. I can't wait to see you sparkle & shine as the best version of yourself this month; see what you love & what makes you feel lovely! Y'all are more heart-filling for 28 days than even sweet Gentleman Caller could be come February 14th. But shh, that's just between us bettys.

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P.S. Post this pretty button on your blog sidebar to share the gift of a free month of style inspiration with your amazing readers! There's two more size options on the main #StyleMe page.

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