Putting Your Talents to Good Use


There's a book called The Five Love Languages. Which I have not read. But the basic concept has always resonated with me. We all give & desire to receive love in one of five ways: Physical Affection, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time & Acts of Service.

I am 100% the first two. My friend Downing says, "Everytime you pet my hair I feel loved." Totally why we're friends. And when I did musical theatre I was the girl who wrote everyone in the cast a note on closing night.

The last three, not so much. Receiving an expensive gift makes me feel guilty. I love someone who'll co-work at a coffee shop with me. And I confess ... volunteering does not fill me up the way it does some people. That is, until I discovered Help Portrait & the Reveal Makeover Event.


I understand the women's shelter is blessed when we clean their floors or paint their walls. But I do it because I feel like I "should". Volunteering at events as a stylist, was the first time I experienced volunteering in something I'm uniquely gifted at, makes me feel alive to share, fills me up when others are there to receive.

Whatever your day job or career aspirations, you have something you're uniquely talented at. Something we could both do, but you would do way bette; I would feel satisfied, while you would feel sparkly & shining. 

The Reveal Makeover Event is in NYC on Saturday, February 16th. We provide hair, make-up, new outfits & professional portraits to women who have been victims of domestic abuse or sex trafficking. In addition to makeup artists, hair & clothing stylists, & photographers, volunteers {male & female} are also needed for registration, set-up, food & general behind-the-scenes. If this sounds like the kind of event that would make your heart full to be a part of, email Hannah at Reveal. Would love to serve alongside you.


If you know of a similar volunteer event in your city, or an event in another niche in NYC, feel free to leave it in the comments below! Sometimes people need to know an opportunity exists so they can get that shiny & sparkly feeling in their own way.

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P.S. This Friday's post was not my usual part-two follow-up. You can read this week's IFB column here for insights on how I stay organized as a creative. 

P.P.S. I would absolutely love to know, what's your love language? What's an example that helped you realize that's how you show love or feel loved by others?

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