A Sparkly New Year

Hello m'dears. My New Year's Eve was absolutely marvelous. Thanks to the recommend of my friend Charlotte from Betty Magazine, I attended a 200 person 5-course communal dinner at a pop-up called the Disappearing Dining Club. Everyone chats with the parties on either side of them, shares bottles of wine, wanders over to other tables & sits down to introduce themselves. Old friends & new friends; people you friended on Facebook the next day & people you'll never see again. Followed by dancing until 5 in the morning with my Brit, Aussie & Kiwi friends. A truly communal, global & oh so fun way to ring in a new year!


Now however I'm under the weather & spending my last few days in London being cozy & squeezing in a bit of final time with friends. So today's style post will make an appearance next week. In the meantime, wishing you a new year filled with marvelous all-night adventures & quite cozy afternoons alike. I for one quite literally left a trail of vintage sequins from west  to east to north London & back, including all over my flat, so my cable knit socks are still rocking a bit of disco in the light of the Christmas tree.

And dear Disappearing Dining Club, please throw a party in Brooklyn, New York. The chance to strike up genuine conversation with strangers is too few & far between.

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P.S. What did you do on New Year's Eve? If you made any New Year's resolutions about taking some area of your life to the next level, making better use of your time, simplifying your life ... "Style & Styleability" starts on January 20th!

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