Packing for Travel, London Part Two

A follow-up to Monday's post these are outfits 16-30 from #StyleMeDecember in London. My challenge to myself was to never wear the same thing twice, the same way. Once I arrived & started to do some shopping, I also decided not to let myself wear any of my new pieces till I got home. That way I had something to look forward to, & also really followed through on making the best use of what I had packed.

Getting dressed with the #StyleMe prompts & only two suitcases worth of clothes ... so easy! When I came back to my full closet in Brooklyn sans daily prompts ... so overwhelming! Truthfully I stood in front of my closet for forevvvvver the first few days back. It reminded me of this gem from an episode of Modern Family:

Jay : I spend half my life waiting on you. How many times do you have to change your outfit?

Manny : Sorry, Jay. Too many choices is a prison.

#StyleMe gave me a direction each morning. And a well-edited wardrobe gave me parameters. Granted, I wouldn't want just these two suitcases for the next two years. But it was a fabulous reminder that often what overwhelms us about our closets is too many choices. So mark your calendars now to join us for #StyleMeFebruary & let's break out of that style jail m'dears.


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P.S. What makes you feel less overwhelmed in your closet? Have you experienced a time when you did something that made your mornings simpler or choosing outfits more stress-free?

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