Sanity over Stress, Grace over Guilt


Today’s post is one where I’m in the trenches with you. I do not have this ish all figured out. But it’s something I give a lot of thought to. To broaden it out beyond just a blog posting schedule, I had this realization at the very beginning of Dean Street Society: everyone I admire is constantly frantic. Read part one here & then see what I mean after the jump.


Three women whose careers I admire are Bethenny Frankel, Lara, Casey & Tori Spelling. Let’s pause for just a moment to discuss Tori. I do not want a baby farm or a reality TV show. But my ah-hah moment was in realizing I want to be a peacock. I want to have a tail-feather of things I do. These women are a chef/author/product creator/yoga teacher/speaker; a magazine editor/branding expert/motivational business coach; an actor/event planner/wedding coordinator/accessories designer. And they are all constantly frantic.

You can sell your company for $100 million. And still be constantly frantic. 

You can have five full-time employees. And still be constantly frantic.

No matter what level you reach, if you're a passionate creative visionary, there will always be more you want to do than there are hours in a day.

So I set out from the beginning acknowledging that there’s no way to not be crazy in the first couple years of launching a business ... but that I don’t want that to be my story five & ten years from now.

One small way I’m being intentional about that is this week’s tip about blog posting. But really it has lots of applications: How many friends you’ll send cards to each month, how much money you’ll set aside each week. Any number you’re setting for yourself that you can get ahead on. You start the month with ten cards already written last month. You have $20 in the drawer to be added to the pot. And when you start to feel stressed, you decide for February it will be five cards, not ten; $20 not $50. You get ahead of yourself. And when you get behind, you cut your load in half.

Total honesty: I really wanted to start January with posts on the blog five times a week. But as soon as it hit January 1st, I was behind. So I’m sticking with three a week. And hoping to have enough cued up before February, that I can make the shift with extra adrenaline, instead of stress; starting from a place of abundance, instead of lack.

This is only my second year of business. There will still be lots of crazy up in here! But I believe I can do it better than I did my first year.

I’m serious about living this year with more sanity & less stress, more grace & less guilt. I want that for you too.

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P.S. In what area of your life do you need to give yourself the permission of a lower number? What can you do to feel ahead for February, instead of behind? What can you do to set up the success of more grace & less guilt?

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