Breaking Party News

I love you so much I made you this video sans make-up with my frog voice. Well, I love you, & Facebook's algorhythm loves videos more than text, & I wanted to make sure no one missed this party update. The elves will not get us down! {Watch the video to see what I mean ...}

Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow & hear your voices on the call on Monday! All the info's at

Make sure you 1) REGISTER! + 2) REPLY! so you're eligible for one of the two FREE styling sessions with me! Plus make sure to be there live on Monday for all the amazing giveaways happening!

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P.S. Know a friend who likes stylish & pretty things? Has considered becoming a blogger or entrepreneur? Spread the word to them about the giveaways & free Q&A happening on Monday! Because kindess is always on trend. {Yup. I went there. Being sick means the puns just keep on rollin folks.}

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