We Live to Party Another Day!

A tornado touched down in Brooklyn last Saturday on the day of our soiree. {Insert Wizard of Oz joke here.} Thankfully, DIY decor & bow tie ensembles don't have an expiration date. So we're clicking our heels three times to make food & flowers anew, & applying a second coat of lipstick at the same time, same place, different date.

See you on Saturday. Bring your friends. Let's be bougie & play croquet. RSVP here.

Annoucement for Year #2!

If you missed the announcement during the online party, new pricing for style sessions will go into effect Monday, September 17th at 1pm EST. If you've considered booking a session, get in on the first year rates! If you have any hesitations drop me a line a Hilary@DeanStreetSociety.com. Let's see if a session is right for you & where you're at in life. Or if you know you're ready to create more providence in your life this fall, book a session now.

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P.S. Make things happen. RSVP. Then book a session. Boom. Party worth indeed.

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