Preppy Party Style

Bettys, the Dean Street Society 1st Anniversary Parties are fast approaching! Saturday September 8th if you can join us in Brooklyn -- right after New York Fashion Week, Fashion Night Out, IFB Conference & a fabulous week of stylish things! Then Monday September 10th from anywhere in the world for an online party.

If you're joining us live -- or just want to get gussied up for the online party -- here's your style guide! Color, pattern, layers oh my. Anything fabulous in your closet that you just never have the gumption or excuse to get to wear. Whatever would make Charlotte York or Kate Spade proud, or might channel the feeling of a tea party with the saturation bumped up.

Anniv Betty Style.jpg

Come alone & make new friends. Bring your tribe & spread the love. There'll be entrepreneurs, artists & corporate folk. Brooklynites & visitors in town. Old friends & new strangers. Professionally stylish people & people playing fashion pretend. Just bring a drink or snack to share, & get prepared to play croquet will being serenaded by our live musicians? Yup. You know you want to be there.

Just RSVP here!

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P.S. Got a dapper you're bringing? His style guide is over on Dapper & The Duchess ...

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