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Today's "2-Part Fashion Cocktail" is a gin & tonic all about high & low. If you have a low-cut top, you're going to want to balance that out with a long hemline on the bottom. And if you're attemping a crop-top, make sure to pair it with something high-waisted so you're only showing a couple inches of skin at most.

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{Clothing: Amarcord Vintage for the Market Publique Summer 2012 Lookbook}

Confession: My midsection is not my favorite part of my body. I would never have dreamt I could pull off a crop-top, had it not been for my years as a tap dancer. In many a show I've worn a 1930's style high-waisted "tap short" with a little tied blouse. {I was wearing that ensemble bought from Salvation Army to book my first Broadway tour!} While I'm well aware this look will not work for every body type, put on something generously high-waised {sitting at the narrowest part of your waist} with a non-skimpy crop top so you're only showing a couple fingers of skin & give it a try. Worst-case scenario you take it off. But at least you experimented!

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P.S. Tell me in the comments below. What's ONE style that intimidates you that you're going to try on in the dressing room next time you see it? Perhaps a hemline, waist, neckline, color, era, trend?

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