Halfway Heart-to-Heart

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It's half-way through the year, half-way through the summer, & I'm taking a little time away from the blog to dig into some new updates, business plans, expansions, refinements. I'm going fishing through my Big Picture To Do List that was created on the beach of Malibu over Christmas, & pulling up all the things that have gotten lost in the shuffle of an amazing, eventful, unexpected, hold-onto-the-seat-of-your-pants year so far.

I'm loving being back with so many of you for #StyleMeJuly & getting to peek inside your creativity daily. It reminds me I'm an island, even on days like today when I'm on a beach vacation taking time to read, write, create & get clear ... but knowing that y'all still appreciate that I'm doing it in a really cute one-shouldered maxi dress! {By the way, the girl barista in this little beach town just gushed over how cute I look today. I didn't have the heart to tell her I haven't washed my hair in 3 days. Reason #82 to love small town vacations: Much easier to impress!}

What were your goals in January 2012? Where are you at with them now that it's July?

What else do you want to make happen this summer? What else do you want to make happen in 2012?

Speak it into the universe in the comments below & make the choice to create more providence in your life.

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