From The Vault

Please excuse this interruption of our stylish programing. In honor of Pride Day here in Brooklyn for the LGTB community, I thought I'd share a vintage video from my days as a professional musical theatre girl. I make the conscious choice that Dean Street Society is not a place for politics or social issues. Regardless of what we may disagree on, creating providence is what we can all agree on here. Nonetheless, with my career in musical theatre, it's no secret that some of the loves of my life happen to be homosexual & I can't imagine where I'd be without them. I was honored to perform this with 3 of my dear friiends from the cast of "42nd Street" at North Shore's Out Night in Massachusettes in Fall 2008 & it makes my cheeks hurt from smiling everytime I rewatch it.

Whoever or whatever you love in life, here's to singing about it from the rooftops. And being sassy, classy, charming, disarming -- always. Happy weekend to my bettys, dappers & dandys alike!

with grace & gumption,


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