Swim Suits for your Body Type

In this week's episode of VPL we talk beach bodies & what to wear when you're hitting the pool or the shore. My favorite part of the episode are my tips on how to find the right suit for your body!


Still seeking clarity on how to find a swim suit for your body type? Here's my basic tips:

1. Go against type. Go for balance. As in the Kelly Bensimon example, if you have a masculine body, go for something feminine. As in the Geri Halliwell example, if you're larger on top, balance it out with some volume on the bottom. This goes back to a favorite secret: My Two-Part Fashion Cocktail {first mentioned in this video}: you don't want a cranberry/cranberry or straight vodka. So whatever you've already got going on naturally, seek a suit that offers/adds/plays up the opposite.

2. We see the parts. Everyone else see the whole. When you look in the mirror you see the fleshy bit between your bossom & your arm pit & how far down your theighs touch each other. Next time you're looking in the dressing room mirror, squint your eyes a little bit. See how the details disappear & you just see the essence of the shape & the color/aesthetic? That's how everyone else sees you. As universal as it is to get stuck seeing on our insecurities, the truest test of how you really look is steping outside yourself & consider the whole of your look.

Do you have questions about your body shape? Thoughts to share about your experiences in swim suit shopping? Leave them in the comments below!

with grace & gumption,


P.S. And if you're pregnant. Apparently Hank has a fool-proof way for you to make sure you keep your bump covered & totally incognito.



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