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So the irony of course in dressing myself for the "music festival" episode, is that the episode was about how I don't know what to wear to a music festival. Le sigh. While I would likely not wear pants {too hot} or gold ballet flats {too dainty} I would definitely not be embarassed to meet, say, The Avett Brothers wearing the indy chic ensemble.

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For myself I found a flowy asymmetrical top in a cool print, soft skinny pants in a fun color, comfy shoes & just one piece of funky jewelry. Easy to wear & not fussy. Meanwhile Hankster is a great example for your gent of how he can mix colors: just pair them with a neutral so it's not overwhelming. And if your guy is tired of denium, try grey. 

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{Hilary: Top + Pants: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: JCrew, Earrings: Urban Outfitters; Hankster: Tank, Button-down, Pants + Shoes: Urban Outfitters}

If you missed the original post {check out the blooppers over there!} here's our style tips for heading to a musical featival this summer:

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. I would never have bought these pants on my own: orange & high-waisted? I would have picked them up & put them down. But once I took a risk for the show, they were oh so soft & I glanced around the beauty closet & saw how many things they went with, that I kept em. Just one more reminder m'dears: take risks in the dressing room! It's the easier course for our brains to choose seameness & safeness, so we all have to be intentional about being consciously visually creative.

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