#StyleMe Instagram Challenge a la May

M'dears I had such a fabulous time following along with y'all during #StyleMeMay! Just as in the first time around in March it was so rewarding to see you taking risks, getting inspired by one another, & creative in your own closets. Here's a few of my favorite snapshots of my own style adventures via Instagram.

Challenge Instagram 060112.jpeg
Photo Challenge 060112.jpeg
California Style 060112.jpeg
Hello Style 060112.jpeg
Personal Stylist 060112B.jpeg
Anchor Bracelet 060112.jpeg
Anthropologie Pants 060112.jpeg
Malibu CA 060112.jpeg
Summer Style 060112.jpeg
Modest Style 060112.jpeg
Preppy Style 060112.jpeg

I would so love to hear from you: What was your favorite part of #StyleMeMay?

Did you make any discoveries about yourself, your wardrobe, your style? What was the most challenging or best part? I love using these quotes to help newbies see just how special this Instagram challenge is & the community of #StyleMe Bettys!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. I am smitten with the discussions happening over in the Facebook group + stylish book club! Don't miss out + come join us!

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