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M'dears! It's the final giveaway of #StyleMeMay! Where oh where did the time fly by to? Today's post is by the darling duo behind AngelCourt Jewelry. I met them at the IFB Conference & adore that they're best friends who keep connected by running a businesses from different states in Mississippe & Arkansas. {You have got to hear their sweet southern accents describe their business in this awesome campaign!} Here's what they had to say ...

sylish jewelry 060112.jpeg

As jewelry designers, it's a bit of an understatement to say that the Angel Court Girls love jewelry.  We really LOVE jewelry, and believe in piling it on...big earrings, statement necklaces, and of course bracelets stacked high.  So we found ourselves asking the question, "what's the one piece we couldn't live without".  As different as we are, we both agreed that the must have, can not live without piece from our collection is our Gothic Trio bangle set

Statement bracelets are a great way to get noticed, whether you're a jeans and tee girl or love being Fancy.  Our favorite Fancy girl this week is Fernanda of the blog Fer The Love Of Writing.  Such classic beauty and the perfect example of the essence of an Angel Court Girl.

alaska style 060112.jpeg
style winner 060112.jpeg

I love that Angela & Courtney chose darling Miss Fernanda as I've loved following along with her stylish adventures all the way in Alaska! And I've adored following all of you literally around the globe throughout #StyleMeMay.

The only thing better is now getting to know one another on an even deeper level through #StyleMeSmartly & our book club via Facebook group! I love the earnest sharing & musing that's happening over there about our lives & our styles, so come join in!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Make sure you're following AngelCourt's darling blog! {Who wants to go to Australia now? I do, I do!} And really you've got to checkout their awesome Kickstarter video! And while you're at it, go befriend them on Twitter & introduce yourself.

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