Mixing Color + Pattern with JCrew

The Bridesmaids & Wedding Guests episode of VPL is my favorite to date as far as how I styled Hank & myself. It's classic JCrew style {even though not all the pieces are from that shop} & it's got lots of color & pattern, which is always my favorite.

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A year ago I thought I couldn't wear yellow. Silly me, but we all have incorrection notions in our head about these things. So if you're nervous about how a color looks on you, do what I've done with this chunky blue necklace: I know that color looks great with my eyes & coloring, & wear it close to my face, so it balances out whatever my {irrational} fears about yellow are.

Mens Pattern 061812.JPG
JCrew Menswear 061812.JPG

Hallelujiah that men are getting more comfortable with mixing patterns! But if your gent is nervous, start with a shirt & tie from the same shop. And know that a stripe will almost always work with a gingham, check or plaid pattern.

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{Hilary: dress: Urban Outfitters; necklace: Loft; shoes: JCrew, hair clip: Ban.do}

{Hank: suit, shirt + tie: JCrew; shoes: Alden}

If you missed the episode, click to watch:

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P.S. Confession: This dress has the sexiest back you've ever seen. Well, unless I turned around in this instance because I was wearing it with a strapless bra. Real classy. No idea how real women wear these dresses. Also, I've got boob tape holding it on my shoulder because the silk kept sliding down. So if I didn't have a bra OR the tape ... I know celebs are into nip slips, but I am not a celeb. Warning: fashion in real life is not as fool-proof as it may appear.

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