The In Between Times

Perhaps my favorite times of year are what I call the "in-between times": not too hot, not too cold. My instagram as of late has been filled with everything from walks on the beach to warm lattes, layers to bare feet.

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I was out with a group of guy style bloggers this week & we were joking about overused industry terms like "transitional piece" {aka a light blazer}. Those transitional season can go by quickly, but if there are still 70-degrees-&-cloudy days in your neighborhood like there are here in Brooklyn, make a point to wear those pieces that you'll have to forget for the coming months of summer. Lately I've been wearing pants, long sleeved tees & scarves before they go into hibernation until September or so. The most expensive items in your closet, are those that don't get worn enough.

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with grace & gumption,


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