How to do Non-Matching Bridesmaids

There've been a fair amount of weddings in my world as of late so this episode of VPL is tres appropro. Here's the questions I've been asked as of late & my personal opinions:

1. Can I wear black to a wedding? The only color to not wear to a wedding is white. Anything else is fine. Though as one of the gals we interview in this episode gracefully points out, you don't want to disrespect the bride by being too slutty. I said it. Lots of clevage or leg is tacky at a wedding, unless your bestie is getting married at midnight in Vegas, & then you can ignore me.

2. Can I wear navy to a summer wedding? Color is not seasonal. I wore navy to a wedding last weekend & have no problem with dark colors any time of year for weddings or otherwise. The thing to pay attention to is not color but fabric. It's the fact that your plum dress is in velvet that's going to make it feel inappropriate for the beach in July.

My coordinating-but-not-matching bridesmaids tip is that you should probably match on 2 of these 3: color, fabric & length. Think about what makes the JCrew bridesmaid shoots look so fabulous. You usually see chiffon fabric & knee length dresses ... then they can be wearing 3 different complimentary colors & different necklines. Or perhaps it's a silky fabric all in the same shade of grey ... then they can be wearing 3 different lengths & necklines. It's maddeningly hard to do this if you don't choose dresses from the same designer, & even with the same brand can be hard to negotiate which bridesmaids want which colors & styles. Which, truth be told, is why wedding stylists like moi exist in the first place.

matching bridesmaids 061612.jpeg

And if you disagree with my being morally opposed to matching bridesmaids, I give you Brenda + Kelly's horror at wearing matching black & white dresses to the Homecoming dance on 90210. Look at those icy stares! I rest my case.

Have other questions or thoughts on wedding style? Favorite bad moments of vintage 90210? Can't wait to read em in the comments below!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. As hilarious as a gay man may be as my co-host, now & then there are topics he struggles with ...

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