How to Travel in Style

Today's episode of VPL is about one of my favorite topics: travel! 

Hank asks at the top of the episode, "Why is it important to travel in style?" And then the editor cuts out the answer! But I don't want to let you guys hanging, so here's the two reasons:

1) On a travel day you are just as likely to meet someone as you are any other day. A cute guy, your dream boss, the coach whose work has changed your life ... would you want to meet them in sweatpants? Ask your secret style question when you're headed to the airport too. {For the record, I've met TWO guys on airplanes.} 

2) Vacation is about experiencing adventures, & capturing them as memories. It is not a workout. No one is going to chase you. You don't have to wear running shoes. People survive Paris every day in cute dresses & ballet flats. You can too. And your photos in front of the Eiffel Tower will look all the more lovely.



The reason I wear chunk accessories on travel day?

1) They're the key to making a cozy chic outfit look pulled together & not like you literally rolled out of bed for your 5am flight.

2) They won't make you look like "that girl" when you go through security & are fumbling with tiny clasps or oodles of bangles.

Minus the pearls here's one of my travel go to outfits just like I described in the episode. Who doesn't want to show up in Paris looking like that travel girl, eh?

with grace & gumption,


P.S. Do you have a "happy place"? When you're trying to quiet your mind at night to fall asleep, what do you picture? I imagine that I'm resting on a soft hammock a few yards from a sparkling blue green ocean. My second most common daydream is reading at a cobblestone street cafe. I. Heart. Travel. 

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