Hello Audrey, Tiffany's & the Stylish Sixties

What's better that being oh so effortlessly stylish? Being whipsmart intelligent to boot. So in the month of June we're taking a break from the traditional #StyleMe challenge ... & we're making it a stylish book club! I don't know about you but I just got full body goosebumps. Happens everytime. I am SO excited about this! #StyleMeSmartly: smart dressers, smart Bettys. Voila. Here's the deal:

1. We're reading "Fifth Avenue, 5 am: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman" by Sam Wasson! Last fall I was on a wander with gentleman caller when we meandered into The Strand, a famous bookstop in Union Square, & I saw this book lying on the table. I purchased it & promptly couldn't put it down. Not only is it fascinating to get a behind the scenes glimpse at an iconic film, but the insights about the role of women, sexuality & style in the 1950's & into the early 1960's in the US is riveting! You can get the book for as little as $1.04 on Amazon {what?!} & it comes in paperback, hardback or Kindle. The first week we're only reading one chapter, so if it arrives to you a few days after June 1st you won't feel behind.

2. We're chatting about said book in a Facebook group! I'll be posting discussion questions throughout, as well as quotes or photos of the icons & styles mention in the book. If you've never been in a Facebook group before, everyone can post on the wall & it will be seen by everyone -- no privacy settings or having to be friends. This means anyone can share a thought, insight or question as we go along. Just picture we're sitting in a virtual circle in my living room! So click through & request to join!

3. We'll be getting inspired on Instagram & via a photo challenge! Each week has 5 photo prompts, some of which are about your style, others are just lovely moments in life that inspire you. The prompts are much less literal than our typical daily style challenges as each is a quote from the book. So be whimsical. Channel some of Holly Golightly's kook & kickiness. You can do them in order Monday-Friday, or out of order any day of the week. Tag them #StyleMeSmartly on Instagram & Twitter so everyone can enjoy them, post them on the Facebook group, or share them on your blog with a link to #StyleMe so your readers can join us.

4. We'll wrap it up with viewing parties of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's"! If you're here in the NYC area, there'll be an annoucement coming soon with the locale & details. If you live near other #StyleMe Bettys, we'll make connections happen in the Facebook group & you can plan your own gathering that same night! Or if you want to watch from your very own cozy bedroom, you can interact with everyone using the hashtag on Twitter or in the Facebook group. Wherever in the world you are, little black dress attire will be recommended on Friday, July 6th. Mark your calendars now!

Without further adieu, here's the calendar which lists which chapters we're reading each week as well as the 5 photo prompts:



Now spread the word & let's make new friends! Please pin the jpg to Pinterest, share it on Instagram, upload the #StyleMe button to your blog sidebar, blog about the book club, share the link to the group on Facebook or tweet about it! And make sure to swing by your local bookstore or hop on over to Amazon right now, pick up your copy & start reading! First discussion question will be up on the Facebook group on June 1st!

with grace & gumption,


P.S. Question?? Leave em below! And of course leave a comment if you'll be reading along & would like your blog linked up! Sounds like a delightful month of Audrey, NYC, sixties inspiration coming to your home sweet blog home ... 

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