What to Wear for a BBQ or Backyard Summer Party

First of all, I'm excited about this week's episode of VPL because it's when I started as the stylist! I had SO much fun getting to dress Hank in things that were brighter & bolder than he's used to & hearing him gush about how awesome he felt in them. The best! And of course, I loved walking into stores like JCrew & saying, "I'll take this, this & this please" for myself. For example these polka dot slacks. Adorable.

Second, I love that instead of celebs I pulled examples from the other hosts of Hello Style to show work-appropriate outdoor-summer-party attire. Miss Lindsey of Saucie Glossie shows how you can be ladylike & remarkable in shorts & neutrals. Rockstar Karen of Where Did U Get That demos how you can do edgy but not racy. And darling Marcy of Big Girl, Skinny World makes jeans look fancy & chic.



One discussion that didn't make the cut in the editing room was what to wear to a family BBQ with your new boyfriend/finacee. My advice: Facebook stalking. Most guys aren't great at describing their family's style. So check out past events. You don't want to be the girl in the preppy sweater when it turns out they're a ripped jean shorts kind of crew, nor the one in the braless sundress when they're all wearing slacks. I don't advise dressing unlike yourself, but you probably don't want to stand out as "the one who doesn't fit in" amongst your future sisters-in-law because you're either stuffy or slutty. Go forth & each barbequed meat in style.

with grace & gumption,


P.S. Any other summer style conundrums or bits of advice yourself? Leave in the comments below!

P.P.S. The big reveal for #StyleMe in June is coming tomorrow!

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