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I don't wear t-shirts. I have a super short torso, so they're always too long. And not a flat stomach, so they make me look barely preggers. I'm not a tomboy, & they make me feel shleppy.

But then a few months ago a sweet package arrived from Everlane {their tagline is "designer goods under $100" ... my kind of people} containing not only my now beloved red tote {pictured left}, but a handful of their tees {pictured in muted black}. They were so soft. They fit so well. I got inspired to find a way to make em work. Voila: High waisted skirt & tied at the waist. Flattering & feminine.

So inspired was I that I added in this prompt for #StyleMeMay both to encourage you too to get creative & to see what you girls came up with to inspire me further. There were lots of darling ensembles, but today I'm gifting classic Everlane tees to Gemma of Primrose Pretty in London & Megan of Because Jackie in Florida!

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Dressy Tshirt 052112.jpg

I love how Gemma showed that you could dress up a tee with your accessories: a lovely hair bow, scarf on the purse & cute boat shoes. Imagine the skinnies, tee & chambray button-down without all that. Fine. But it's the extra touches that make it remarkable & darling.

Meagan made me realize the if I got the Ryan tee from Everlane, I could wear it untucked & belt it, for a more flattering fit with a tight skirt. She also showed how a plain white tee can be part of a chic ensemble if you put color everywhere else from your shoes to your waist to your wrists & hands. If bold colors like this scare you, this is a great example for trying them out in small doses.

But, wait! There's more!

I also have a gift for EVERYONE! {Cue this as my "You get a car! You get a car!" Oprah moment.} When I started #StyleMe I didn't anticipate the genuine community that would develop amongst all of you. Whether on Instagram comments, Twitter replies or blog comments it's been so delightful to see y'all meeting one another, forming friendships, getting inspired. And I've recently discovered that we not only have bettys from all over the US & throught the UK but also into Germany, Israel & Tel Aviv! So now, like any good elementary school club, we've got I'm a #StyleMe Betty buttons: 3 sizes, 3 designs, all linking directly to the #StyleMe page so new friends can join the crew.


To grab a button simply copy the code below the button & paste it into your sidebar. 

ONE {200 x 120}



TWO {200 x 160}



THREE {200 x 200}



I based the size of these buttons upon my own sidebar & what works for me, but if you need different sizes, please just leave it in the comments! I'd love your feedback & to make sure everyone has an option that works for them.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Rumor has it Everlane is about to come out with version 2.0 of my tote. And weekenders bags. Oh so excited ...

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