Touring Brooklyn with the Bride

Wrapping up Brooklyn Week with one final guest post is the original Brooklyn blogger, Vane from Brooklyn Bride! Alright, she may not have been the original ... but I'd argue she's got the most famous Brooklyn blog name, starting her lil site way back in 2007 & being someone I followed for years before I ever moved to Brooklyn. She chronicles modern weddings from all over, though of course I'm partial to those set right here in Brooklyn:


Miss Vane lives just a few blocks from me in Boerum Hill & is taking you on a little neighborhood tour today via photos. Love that she notices things I've never even seen here!

I've officially been a Brooklyn resident for the last 10 years since starting grad school at Pratt Institute in Fort Greene. The borough has taken a hold of me like no other, and I love exploring new neighborhoods, shops, and restaurants. These pictures are just a snippet of what I've seen along the way, but they managed to catch my eye, and now maybe yours too! Take a wander with me in Brooklyn ... 


Here are some things for you to definitely try to do, taste or see when you come visit our beloved neighb:

  • See the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum!
  • Order a side of bacon at Colonie (it comes in an adorable wooden bowl)
  • Visit Pratt & wander among the multitudes of sculptures found all over campus
  • Have a rose macaron at the Vendome pop-up shop on Bond St (open on weekends)
  • Find all the buildings that artist Steve Powers has done signage for in Downtown Brooklyn ... start with the Macy's garage between Fulton & Livingston ...

Cheers, Vane + Brooklyn Bride 


For those readers from Brooklyn, what are your favorite spots that our Brooklyn Week bloggers have yet to mention? I'm having the loveliest week in Nantucket but am excited to be home sweet Brooklyn this weekend & back with you bettys next week with more #StyleMe Monday giveaway winners!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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