Hello Target, Hello Affordable Style

In this week's episode of VPL on the Hello Style Channel we're talking about when high-end brands like Jason Wu & Missoni collaborate with mass market stores like Target or H&M to provide a lower priced capsule collection. This episode was born out of a passing comment Hank made one day about how he thinks people who can afford to buy those brands at high-end prices are entitled to that exclusivity, & that the "average person" shouldn't be able to buy them. I was literally mouth agape because I totally disagree! There will always be better quality when you can afford more pricey garments, but I absolutely am will Miss Sarah Jessica Parker who says, "Style shouldn't be a luxury". Amen. And thus an episode was born.


This is also the episode where we went on an undercover fashion mission. I had a mic taped to my boob. We take it seriously people. It didn't make the episode, but makes for one of my favorite blooper reels yet!


What do you think? Which of these capsule lines have you VPLoved or VPLeaved? Are you a fan of these kinds of collaborations, or do you not really pay attention?

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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