It's a stylist. It's a singer. It's SuperDanger.

Once upon a time a lady friend sent me a blog: "I think you'd like this guy". I checked him out, he checked me out, we mutual blog crushed. I tweeted I was having an entrepreneurs meetup at my apartment. He's in the neighb, he came, he was as cool in real life as he looks in his photos. And smart. Which is always my favorite. We have in common that in the midst of our stylish pursuits people tend to ask us dating advice. In his case, he had to start a whole other tumblr to get the Qs off his style site. You're going to want to add that to your "guilty pleasures" reading list asap. This guy is seriously funny. And rumor has it he occasionally shows the camera the right side of his face. But that it's even more handsome than the left, so he tries not to blow-up the interwebs with it. Bettys, meet Mr Danger.



The final frontier. 

Cabs wont drive you here.

Trains won't leave once you get here.

Friends won't visit you if you live here.

But we don't need friends.

We have Jay-Z.

We have Busta Rhymes.

We have RZA.

Damnit we even have Scott Baio.


In Crown Heights where gentrification meets, well, non-gentrification, Breukelen Coffee House will be happy to serve you a hot cup of joe, with free wi-fi to boot, all this while blasting the newest hip-hop act you've never heard of.

If the weather is great, walk west down Eastern Parkway.  Check out the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Library, Botanical Gardens, or an inevitable car accident at Grand Army Plaza.

Walk into Park Slope and you can feast on one of the best bagel sandwiches at Bagel Market. But make sure to pack the Xanax.  Typically there are enough crying babies and strollers to drive a man to the edge of sanity, or vegan.  But I repeat myself.

Too many carbs?  Do a couple laps at beautiful Prospect Park.  Or just sit on a bench and try to remember when your gym membership expires.

You quit after one lap?  It's ok.  We won't tell anyone.  Dance the rest of the calories off at the bar Franklin Park.  If dancing isn't your thing, they have skee-ball.  Skee-ball is trendy.  Just remember, cash only.


P.S. The stylish man also sings. You know, just in his apartment, while sounding totally rockstar. And sometimes does little things that end up on GQ. As you do.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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