It's Brooklyn Week!

Hello bettys & dappers! I'm off first thing tomorrow for a week-long styling gig in Nantucket {yes, pinch me now}. In my absence I've gathered up my first ever round of guest bloggers here on Dean Street Society for Brooklyn Week! This week you'll get to meet three of my favorite fellow Brooklynites: Alison of Butter+Love, Alex of Why Are You Dressed Up, & Vane of Brooklyn Bride. Yup. Plus I've got the first shots of a new Brooklyn photo shoot with Bess Friday cued up, & of course there's a new episode of VPL on Wednesday which will appear here on Thursday, per usual. Well. I don't know about you, but I certainly feel more settled knowing what's coming this week. {All type-A's nod affirmingly.}

Since I can't pack you all in my suitcase & take you to the island with me, I thought I'd send you off with a little visual vacay. These shots are new ones from my Puerto Rico trip earlier this year. Reading on the beach: one of my favorite things. So pour yourself a cup of tea, wine, vodka & take a little 10 minute daydream this week to the beaches of Rincone. It's warm with a light breeze & the oceans are crashing in the background.

3 Thurs R1.jpg
3 Thurs R2.jpg
2 Wed W1.jpg
1 Tues R3.jpg
3 Thurs R3.jpg
3 Thurs R4.jpg
3 Thurs R5.jpg

What are you going to make happen this week? How are you going to create a little more providence in your life? {In between shoots I'm going to be working on a new surprise for you all in June!}

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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