Hello Wedding Style

This week's episode of VPL is all about wedding style! I feel this would be the appropriate place for me to say, "Where oh where are Carey Mulligan's wedding pictures?!" I know. She's a person with a right not to sell her special moment to a celeb glossy. But, le sigh. Don't you too want to see what the indy darling of "An Education" fame wore to marry one of my favorite musicians, Marcus Mumford?? I digress.

By the way, if the Vera Wang comes in white? #VPLove. I am smitten with ruffles & volume. I'd just like it a cream/blush/non-death kinda shade. Sadly there were only 3 actual wedding dresses edited into this episode, but I will always adore a wedding dress that reminds me of that fluffy grey one Carrie falls asleep in in Paris. Perfection.

Still in the wedding mood? Check out one of my favorite videos of how the orginial Dean Street crew does weddings here in Brooklyn. The bride cried. #Winning. Unexpected song & dance numbers are a definite #VPLove in my book!

Who are some of your fave celeb brides? 3 of mine are Gwen Stefani {love the unexpected rocker yet classy fade to pink}, Carolyn Besset Kennedy {the photo of JFK Jr kissing her hand as they exited the small chapel ...} & Chelsea Clinton {she was glowing, beaming, could not have looked more joy filled}.

with grace & gumption,



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