Target Style on a Budget

Today's style post is brought to you by Target. Well, not officially. But I would like to thank them for this darling maxi dress from last season & the necklace from this season which happen to go together perfectly & together created a tropical ensemble for under $40.

A maxi dress is a great travel go-to. It's comfy on the plane, great as a swimsuit cover-up, hides flip flops to look a bit fancier, pairs well with a cardigan for dinners & breezes. Plus it hands down looks good on every single body type from petite (even if you have to hem it) to plus-size (just make sure it has a waist & nice neckline so you don't veer towards mu-mu).

1 Travel Style 040212.jpg
2 Vacation Style 040212.jpg
3 Holiday Style 040212.jpg
4 Tropical Vacation 040212.jpg
5 Caribbean Style 040212.jpg
6 Travel Style 040212.jpg
7 Travel Style 040212.jpg
8 Vacation Style 040212.jpg

P.S. My client Allie also bought this same dress last summer when she was pregnant. Maxi dresses are great even for bumps. I told you they were universally flattering!

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with grace & gumption, Hilary

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