Style + Instagram Photo Challenge = #StyleMeMay

Bettys, we're back. After a delightful first round with #StyleMeMarch, #StyleMeMay starts tomorrow!

Here's how it works:

1. Save the calendar below on your phone or print it out & tape it to your mirror. Use the prompt each day to inspire you to "wear, try or be" something from your wardrobe. Snap a photo & share via Instagram or Twitter using #StyleMeMay.

2. There are no rules. If you're someone stressed out by commitment, you don't have to do it every day. Or, if you like to finish something beginning to end {Type-A hand raised high thankyouvery much}, use this community as your daily accountability to be creative & remarkable from May 1-31. Either way, try not to buy anything new for this challenge. If this uncovers a genuine hole in your closet that's one thing -- this isn't about a spending freeze -- but I hope it encourages you to make better use of & rediscover what you already have, rather than crave to buy more.

This round we also have the exciting addition of GIVEAWAYS!

Each week there'll be a "#StyleMe Monday" post in which the giveaway gal & I dole out some sweet prizes to a few girls who caught our eye that week on Instagram or Twitter. So be sure to add Dean Street Society to your blog roll to come back & see if you won! First giveaway coming next Monday ... 



I have one favor to ask:

Would you please all pin the calendar to Pinterest & share it on Instagram? I'm truly moved by how many were inspired, connected, refreshed, challenged in all the right ways by the last round & I would love for as many people to get the invite as possible! You can also of course share this post via Twitter & Facebook, & I'll love you dearly.

Can't wait to see what makes y'all want to twirl tomorrow ...

with grace & gumption, Hilary


P.S. Here's a list of the stylish bloggers playing along so check them out! To find those playing on Instagram & Twitter just search #StyleMeMay. If you're blogging along let me know & I'll link you up here!

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