Couple Style

On this week's episode of VPL we're talking couple style! Here's my 3 Do's for Couple Style that you won't find in the episode:

1. Do: Be your own person. Just because you're part of a duo doesn't mean you have to match. If he's rocker & you're country, so be it. {Confession: my college boyfriend & I would coordinate our outfits to church. Yes. That happened. Why would I lie about something that embarassing?}

2. Do: Coordinate when it comes to the level of fancy. The one time you do want to be sure to coordinate with your other half is when you're attending an event or party. If he's wearing a coat & tie, you don't want to be in a sundress & flip flops. At least you'll be over or under-dressed together.

3. Do: Let yourself be changed for the better. If one of you is the better dresser or feel style is more important, run with it. I've got one client who kinda hates style & it bugs her that her boyfriend wishes she dressed better. I say if your boyfriend thinks you're hot & that you'd be even hotter in a dress or a pair of heels, embrace it! Nothing wrong with encouraging romance, his pride by your side, & keeping that spark alive if he's more of a visual person that you are. And vice versa if you need to share this one with your gentleman caller ...

What are your thoughts on couple style? Have you ever dressed better because of him or helped your beau dress better? 

Also here's the bloopers where I clearly wish she'd just changed her name to Jennifer Affleck ...

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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