It's Friday Fun-day!

I have a girlfriend who works in Corporate America USA. Very stuffy. Very traditional {the gig, not the gal}. She bought these floral skinnies that she's been daring to wear to work with a blazer. She hasn't done it, yet. But I think Friday would be the day to just so slightly push the envelope, eh? I say don't go lower {necklines} or shorter {hemlines} but if you're in a conservative office place, I endorse starting to spread your sartorial wings by thinking about wearing more color & pattern on Fridays!

And the continue our theme ... have you guys caught on that there are blooper reels after every one of our VPL episodes? Gah! Hank & I loooove them!

In the first one, the reason I'm laughing at the end is because "Parker" {isn't he dreamy??} had caught my bangs in his hand so he was massaging Hank's shoulder with my hair. And I couldn't move. #AwkwardSandwich

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. What are Fridays like in your office or home? Or is it another day of the week that's your "fun day"? What do you wear?

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