And that Bettys, was our 1st #StyleMe photo challenge!

I already gushed in this half-way post about how this inagural #StyleMe exceeded my expectations. I spent so much time thinking about all of you participating: considering your different life styles, budgets, clothing styles, & fears. Especially the fears part; how much fear or out-of-my-comfort-zone reactions there were in embracing make-up like lipstick or eyeliner, or adjectives about ourselves like "sexy" or "rockstar". And most fascinatingly, how few photos I saw of the final "shows off my best feature". Could it have been the final day of the challenge & people fell off a bit? Perhaps. But there were an awful lot more shoe-only pictures just two days before for "color on my feet" than there were people saying "I like my legs!" "I get compliments on my smile!" "I love my freckles!". And here I thought, "Everyone will be glowing on the final day with this prompt!". So I can't help but wonder: are we afraid to call ourselves beautiful?

I can't answer that for us collectively. But I would imagine we can all think of something that would feel "too much, too bold, too presumptuous". That point for each of us is all over the spectrum. But I challenge you to think about yours this week. And push it. Be bold, be lovely, be noticed. No hoochie skirts, no clevage for days. Just owning your beauty, your spark, the glorious uniqueness that only you were created with. That sounds like a fresh spring start to me!

Here's my own little #StyleMe recap via Instagram with the help of the Diptic & Picfx apps.


If you participated in the challenge or even just observed, I'd love to know your thoughts! What was the hardest part? Most fun? Most challenging? Rewarding? Surprising? And what could I do better next time? This is just the first one & I'd love to hear what you would like to see, do, or how I could make the experience even more top notch.

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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