Once upon a time when Anne Hathaway was younger

Today's episode of VPL is all about "Hollywood Freshman" & taking a look back at some well known celebrities when they first came on the scene. I don't talk about celebrities much here on Dean Street Society. I suppose because they don't have much bearing on the lives & styles of "real people with real budgets". But I've definitely mentioned them before as guideposts when we're trying to get visually inspired with new styles & ideas because they're oh so Google-able for visual inspiration. And today is no different. What I think we can learn from these celebs is that we're always growing & no one has it perfect the first time!

Who did we miss? Is there a celeb that's inspired you because you saw them grow more comfortable in their own skin, re-invent themselves, or look more confident because of how their style changed? After all, they may have million dollar shopping budgets, but they too are just a girl staring at her closet every morning asking {when their stylist isn't present} what to wear ...

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Here's that video on finding your sartorial doppleganger:

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