Color Me Styled & Smitten

You all know how I love color. Color in clothes. Colored front doors. But I had fallen in love face-to-face with color drenched buildings until my final day in Puerto Rico. Within a few moments of wandering Old San Juan's blue cobblestone streets I knew I'd be back someday soon. There's so many alleyways we didn't have time to explore & I want to experience the nightlife. But these light-filled sherbert-hued shots will tide me over until then.

1 Stylish Travel 040712.jpg
2 Vacation Style 040712.jpg
3 Old San Juan 040712.jpg
8 Old San Juan 040712.jpg
4 Travel Style 040712.jpg
6 Puerto Rico 040712.jpg
7 Ocean View 040712.jpg
9 Travel Style 040712.jpg
12 Tropical Style 040712.jpg

{top: Forever21, shorts: Zara, shoes: DSW, hat + sunglasses + necklace: Target, bag: Theit, scarf + watch: boutiques}

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with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. Our second episode of VPL goes live today! It'll be up on the blog tomorrow with some more of my thoughts, but you can catch the debut today on the Hello Style Channel!

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