How to Take Amazing Travel Photos

First, you know I'm going to say wear color, more color, accessories & things worthy of remark!

Second, while my vacation style photos were taken with my fancy T2i Cannon camera & gussied up with Photoshop skills, today brings a little inspiration for how you can capture glorious memories with just an iPhone & some favorite apps. While iPhones are not inexpensive, they're far less expensive than a bells & whistles DSLR.

Hands down my favorite camera app is Instagram {come follow me @HilaryRushford!}. It makes the loveliest images, plus saves them for you on the Instagram website & it's so easy to share on Twitter and/or Facebook.


My second fav is Camera +. Instead of one filter in Instagram, you choose two {scenes & effects}. Trick: if a picture is looking dark, run it through Camera+ first & add the "flash" scene, then run it through another app. Here I added borders in Camera+ & vintage filerts with Pixlromatic.


The other bonus of an iPhone is you can, say, wrap it in a washcloth inside a ziplock bag & take it to the rain forest with you. Zip lining is on my "100 Crazy Dreams List" & I was so thrilled to check it off! Though the drive there ... lets just say after muddy twists & turns on roads the size of my arm, I came to a screeching halt at a near 180 degree drop off. I had to stop, get out, cry, then get back in the car & drive it as there was no other way out. I felt like Indiana Jones. In a rental car.


Finally, I love Red Stamp. It's like a mini Photoshop in your pocket to make adorable e-postcards!

Now it's your turn: What are your favorite photo apps? I'm always looking for new ones!

P.S. I made you two little gifts! Drag em to your desktop & save to your phone screen, or pin to Pinterest. A little inspiration to let the glow of vacation inspire you to make the most of whatever moment you're in.

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