Dean Street Society + Hearst Media sitting in a tree

Now that I've introduced you to my new gig at the Hello Style Channel, should also get to know my darling co-host Mr Hank Chen! He's a bold comedian who believes in champion the underdog & pushing the envelope to do it. Bonus? He too lives in Brooklyn! Click on the photo below to hear us chat it up for his YouTube viewers.


And a reminder to head on over & subscribe to the Hello Style Channel because our 1st episode airs TODAY! SUNDAY! And 1pm EST! And guess what? They were working on it till the very last minute & I haven't even seen it yet. Not a glance. So I'll be watching it live with all of you today! Leave me a comment over there & pretty please tell me what your favorite parts are so we can keep it up!

with grace & gumption ... & giddyness,


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