Retro Beach Style

I grew up right near the beach in Malibu. And barely went. I don't tan easily so sunbathing's a lengthy proposition. I don't like to be hot but the Pacific's so freezing you can't hop in. It wasn't till college that I discovered the beach not for tanning but tranquility. Sweatshirt & warm coffee weather was my favorite. I sat on the shore dreaming big for 2012 over Christmas, so it felt appropo to go back just 3 months later to take in all that had changed in 2012 with addition of the Hello Style Channel. Though I'll admit that tranquility plus tanning, is definitely the prefered state.

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vintage swimwear 040612.jpg
vintage style 040612.jpg

{romper: Urban Outfitters; hat: Target; scarf: thrifted}

Picture the outfit for a minute without the scarf. Cute. But the scarf kinda pulls it together as a "look". That's usually the case if you have just 2 things going on: the 3rd thing makes it an outfit {i.e. shirt, jeans + statement necklace}. 

Also, this lady is everything I want to be when I grow up: in her 80's, traveling with girlfriends, sporting a retro swimsuit & giving you vintage poses as naturally as can be. Sassy classy charming disarming.

1 Tues Extra1.jpg

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with grace & gumption, Hilary

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