Behind the Scenes with Hello Style

In case you missed Monday's post check it out, as there was a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT you won't want to have missed! Namely: my new job, summed up below by my Instagram feed.  

StyleMeMarch 040612.jpeg
VPL 040612.jpeg
Hearst Tower 040612.jpeg
behind the scenes 040612.jpeg
hot intern 040612.jpeg
secret mission 040612.jpeg
ny anchor 040612.jpeg
teased hair 040612.jpeg
talk show host 040612.jpeg
everlane tote 040612.jpeg
frat boys 040612.jpeg
beauty closet 040612.jpeg

And even better? They made us a little behind the scenes video! {Gah, watching yourself on video is so awkward, right?! Do you ever get over that??}

Go ahead & subscribe to the Hello Style Channel so you can see our debut episode when it launches this Sunday! I get to see the episode myself tonight at the launch party, alongside the city's biggest style bloggers. No pressure. {Translation: totally feel like the freshman who accidently got invited to sit at the senior table. Shh ...}

4 days till debut ya'll ... 

with grace & gumption, Hilary

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